Affiliate program

        Security company “Qartal” invites to cooperation and partnership.

       The Qartal affiliate program is promising offers of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation in the market of security services in Azerbaijan.

        We invite all interested parties and intermediaries to consider our proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation in attracting new customers, expanding business, implementing progressive ideas and directions in the field of security and protection. We are ready to consider various options for interactions and cooperation.

Our partners can be:

— Active sales agents

We invite to cooperation energetic people with the desire to develop and earn.

We can suggest:

  • Possibility to independently dispose of working time on contractual terms;
  • Cash payment for the signed contract;
  • Cash payment for all contacts or objects that have been put under guard;
  • Short curriculum: analysis of the market for security services and technical aspects of this area, professional advice;
  • Constant support from the company’s employees;
  • The company “Qartal” provides its agents, promotional materials, presentations, price lists with current prices and other tools for active sales.

— Security companies of all forms of ownership

  • We form a database of partners in the regions for the response and maintenance of technical facilities at sites protected by our company;
  • We will provide services in the regions on the response and maintenance of technical facilities to sites protected by your enterprises.

Mounting organizations

       The company invites to cooperate with mounting organizations. If your organization has an order for mounting / installation of security equipment, recommending the company “Qartal” to your client, you, in turn, will receive a dealer reward.

— Private security companies

          We have ready-made technical solutions in terms of the organization. Perhaps our organizational participation in the creation of a complete security structure.

— Designers and design organizations

           If you are a designer or work in a project office, you often encounter issues that are not directly related to your profession. For example, your customer wants to include in the design project a video surveillance system and burglar alarm. The specialists of our company will compile a professional commercial offer and establish the required security system for the customer. You, in turn, will receive a dealer reward.

— Repair and construction organizations

          It is known that at the stage of finishing the premises construction companies have to solve the problems of laying low-current lines: intercom, video surveillance, access control systems (ACS), and others. You can instruct the specialists of Qartal to resolve these issues. Our specialists will professionally perform their work, and you will receive a dealer reward.

— Owners of shops and other retail outlets

         The company “Qartal” ready to supply to your retail chains, shops, markets – as goods related to security, and turnkey solutions to ensure the safety of objects.

 The account of your interests is guaranteed!

Our partners:

National Ophthalmology Center named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva

Azerbaijan film studio “Jafar Jabbarli”

The State Film Fund

National TV and Radio Council

State TV Company “MIR”

Residence of the Ambassador of India

The Embassy of Indonesia and the Ambassador’s residence

Azerbaijan University of Languages

State Academy of Management

 Yunus Emre İnstitutu

 Türk Anadolu Liseyi

Azerbaijan Insurance and Deposit Insurance Fund

HYATT Regency   R.İ.S.K. Company  Spark Beton MMC Stork MMC

HydroServ MMC

Liebherr-Azəri MMC