Protection of business centers and offices

Qartal Security Company

Today, any successful business should be provided with reliable protection. Such premises as offices, business centers, where meetings and negotiations take place, where the deals are made, must be reliably protected. Depending on the protected object and your wishes, we will choose the best security option for you to ensure the security of your office and business.

The protection of the business center is built on the basis of the many features of a particular facility, which include the location and nature of the surrounding area, the mode of operation, the number of visitors, etc. Depending on these parameters, the specialists of “Qartal” company will develop an effective concept for protecting the business center.

Employees of our private security company solve the following tasks:

  • suppression of unauthorized access by outsiders to the territory of the business center;
  • suppression of theft of material values from the territory of the business center;
  • protection of public order in the building of the business center and in the adjoining territory;
  • prompt response to abnormal situations.

The above tasks are solved by the following basic methods:

  • the establishment of a special checkpoint and the organization of checkpoints;
  • the establishment of a special regime regulating control of material values and documents;
  • organization of video monitoring service;
  • organization of constant patrolling of the business center building and the adjacent territory.

      The protection of the business center is not without the active use of special technical means – video monitoring systems, security gateways at the entrance, alarm systems, etc.