Events security

Qartal Security Company

Whether it be a concert, festival, wedding, stag party, sport event or a high profile pay per view event, everyone attending the event is there for one purpose: To have a good time, and they expect it to also be a safe for them not to worry for their own well being. This is where Qartal SS special event security guard services come in: We provide smart serve certified security guards who are trained to ensure that events go as according to planned, as well as following strict emergency protocols in the event of a situation arising that can affect everyone’s safety. Their goal is to neutralize the safety threat as soon and as carefully possible so that everyone can have a good and safe time. Whether you need crowd control or protect VIP guests during a main event, Qartal SS is standing by to execute a vigilant and authoritative security guard presence while maintaining professionalism and courtesy for your guests.

Qartal’s special events security guard and patrol services provides:

  • Stadium security protection: Crowd control & security checkpoints.
  • Sporting event security protection: Crowd control & security checkpoints.
  • Security protection for parties & weddings.
  • Security protection for special events and occasions.
  • Security protection for concerts and VIP guests.

Customers who have entrusted us with security can be absolutely calm. Private security company “Qartal” will not only ensure the order and accuracy of the approved program, but also ensures its successful, calm and safe conduct;

  • for each event, individual selection of employees, while taking into account all the wishes of customers, including – the appearance and form of clothing;
  • experience and professionalism of specialists allows to settle any problem that has arisen without conflict;
  • knowledge of etiquette, confidence in actions and instant reaction of our employees emphasize the status and support the prestige of any event;
  • before the event itself, considerable preparatory work is carried out (coordination of organizational issues, establishment of interaction with police, ambulance and emergency personnel on duty, drawing up of a detailed plan for the protection of the event);
  • we also provide our clients with additional services: escorting VIP’s and guests, providing special transport and other special equipment. If necessary, a medical officer may be included in the accompanying staff.