Reception of candidates for work

Required documents:

  • copy of identity card;
  • copy of the military card;
  • medical reference;
  • information on the lack of registration in a neuro-psychiatric hospital;
  • information about the lack of registration at the narcological dispensary;
  • certificate of no criminal conviction.

           One of the following conditions is that candidates for security guards must undergo special training courses in professional training centers. After passing the exams and successfully completing the training, candidates receive certificates that give them the right to work in the security structure. After that, under the supervision of experienced guards, they undergo internship in protected facilities.

        Only after this, in accordance with the law, within 3 months they are involved in work with a probationary period. Later, a security guard who successfully completed the internship, enters into an employment contract for an indefinite period. This approach has proven itself in practice. As a result, the level of professionalism is increasing. 

Material and technical support for guards:

     In accordance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Non-state (private) security activities,” security guards must perform service in a special form. The special form is intended for 2 species depending on the season:


  At specialized security facilities during the service, guards are provided with helmets, bright orange jackets, glasses and so on. Guards are also equipped with:

  • with rubber batons;
  • metal detectors at checkpoints;
  • mobile phones intended for the chiefs of detachments;
  • radio stations for the required ranges of distances;
  • special whistles.

Social welfare for guards:

Commitment for the social protection of employees are:

  • timely payment of salaries;
  • provision of uniform, according to the season;
  • compulsory insurance of employees;
  • bonus for high performance during the service.

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