Protection of houses, apartments, cottages

Qartal Security Company

Protection of residential buildings is reduced to ensuring the safety of people and their property located on the territory of the protected facility.

Specialists of “Qartal” organize complex multilevel protection of the residential building.

The main tasks facing a private security company in the protection of residential buildings:

  • security of the building (entrances, attics, cellars, technical premises);
  • protection of the adjacent territory (yard, parking lot);
  • protection of apartments.

To ensure the security of the residential building, “Qartal” employees use the following basic methods:

  • the organization of a checkpoint to prevent
  • unauthorized access to the territory of a residential house by unauthorized persons;
  • use of video surveillance systems;
  • patrolling the protected building and the surrounding area;
  • the equipment of the protected object by alarm systems;
  • carrying out preventive protective measures.

Protection of a country house or cottage

Any investment requires protection

You bought a cottage or dacha in one of the settlements of Baku, making a solid investment. The old dream of a family country house has come true, and now you can come there with your family and friends, enjoy comfort, peace, clean air and singing birds. Since any investment requires protection, you will undoubtedly need a good protection of the house, cottage or villa.

It is quite difficult to protect one’s own private property on its own, so choosing a reliable security company is no less important than choosing a country village you like, a house, its location, design, etc. To some extent, the choice of a serving company is also an investment that will protect and protect what is most valuable to you – your home and your family.

In addition, do not forget that country houses are attracting increasing attention of criminals. It is necessary to take care that the protection of the house or dacha is carried out all year round, was reliable and effective.

Protection of a country house or cottage

We can provide protection, both for the whole cottage village and for a personal country house, from theft, property damage or simply from the visit of uninvited guests, which is especially relevant in the winter when the owners only occasionally visit their home (like most of their neighbors), that plays into the hands of thieves and criminals. The professional protection of the dacha will help you to save your nerves and not worry about the safety of your property.

To ensure complete safety, we will audit your property and settlement, identify all the existing risks. The protection of the cottage (cottage) is formed on the basis of an individual security plan for the village, including a passport and the concept of security, schemes for guarding and patrolling the house, access routes, locking schemes,and etc.

In our understanding, effective protection of the cottage village, or a separate cottage should consist of a complex of security services.

Among them:

  • the organization of the access regime to the territory of the village;
  • control of movement of vehicles and suspicious persons;
  • patrolling the outer and inner territory, including with the involvement of dogs;
  • application of modern technical security systems (alarm, video surveillance, alarm button);
  • protection of the common territory with the help of armed and unarmed protection;
  • advising on security issues.

We also pay special attention to the training and control of employees (unplanned inspections with site visits allow to increase the level of security), which entrusts the physical protection of the cottage or villa. Therefore, our security guards are in constant readiness and are able to immediately make adequate decisions not only when outsiders attempt to enter the house or the protected area, but also in case of emergencies (fires, electric fires, etc.)

Able to notice and assess any alarming situation in time, if necessary, inform the MOE, call the police or an ambulance. In case of emergency, a rapid response team is always ready to help.

The best solution for home security

Do not forget that in addition to physical security, it is also necessary to use the technical security systems that most effectively add it, and thus provide a higher level of security. In addition, this reduces the cost of security services. Protection of the house (cottage) is an integrated approach to security.

Realizing that each person has his own idea of security, we are ready to offer different options for protection. Everyone can find an optimal solution for themselves in accordance with the budget possibilities. Guard cottage is not only your safety, but also the safety of your family.