Security Systems

Qartal Security Company

Specialists of the company “Qartal” are ready to offer you services in the design, installation, maintenance of a full arsenal of technical protection systems.

Among the most popular systems are:

  • video surveillance system;
  • access control system (ACS);
  • security and fire alarm systems.

Video surveillance system

The standard composition of the video surveillance system consists of video cameras installed on the external and internal perimeter of the object (in places requiring special attention), a video recorder (video server) and an automated workstation of a video surveillance operator.

The signal from the video cameras is transmitted to the DVR, which stores the recordings from the cameras. The shelf life of this data depends on the amount of memory the registrar and the amount of information processed. For the most effective maintenance of video archives in places with a low visitor flow, it is recommended to use CCTV cameras with motion detection recording function. In this case, the image recording from the camera will be carried out only in the case of fixation of motion in the immediate vicinity of it. The configuration of the operator’s workstation computer’s workstation differs depending on the volume of the system and the tasks it faces. If the system includes a small number of cameras, a personal computer can be the operator’s workplace. When the number of cameras installed on the site is estimated in dozens, they equip a separate monitor room with special equipment (video wall, control panel and so on).

The application of the CCTV system allows:

  • conduct a round-the-clock visual control over the entire territory of the facility on which the system is equipped, with the use of minimal human resources (usually by a single video surveillance operator);
  • identify signs of emergency and abnormal situations, signs of preparation for the commission of unlawful actions, and react promptly to them;
  • to record events that occur at the facility;
  • restore the chronology of events during the conduct of official investigations and proceedings.

In addition, the equipment of the object by the video surveillance system is a very effective measure for the prevention of various offenses. The presence of video cameras induces potential violators to act within the framework of the law, observe the in-house mode, and the rules, since video recording is irrefutable evidence.

Access control system

The application of the ACS is aimed at effectively reducing threats to the security of the facility, related both to the security of the property and to reputational risks (safety of technologies and other confidential information). The specific configuration and composition of the equipment is determined based on the specific tasks of the system at the facility, taking into account the identified risks.

Among the elements of the system most often used at industrial and commercial facilities, the following components can be distinguished:

  • the barriers (including those equipped with the remote opening function);
  • magnetic locking devices on doors;
  • contactless personal access cards (proximity cards);
  • single turnstiles and turnstile lines;
  • card readers (control over the withdrawal of temporary passes from site visitors).

The use of access control equipment at the facility as part of the access system allows solving the following tasks:

  • control of people’s access to office premises and special areas of the facility (including setting restrictions on the time of day, on the days of the week and so on);
  • control of vehicle access to the territory of the facility;
  • formation and maintenance of databases with statistics for each employee or visitor (including the recording of working hours);
  • monitoring the process of passing control points by employees.

Security and fire alarm systems

Security alarm system is one of the most important monitoring systems for the state of the facility and preventive protection measures. This system is divided into internal, responsible for the preservation of property and property inside the premises, and external, providing control over unauthorized penetration of the object through the perimeter fence. A loud sound signal, accompanied by an alarm, deters intruders by attracting attention to what is happening. And the signal arriving at the centralized security guard allows the security personnel to promptly take the necessary response measures, in accordance with the Instruction for the protection of the facility.

The purpose of the fire alarm system is the timely detection of a fire or smoke on the site, with the exact localization of its source. Rapid response to such abnormal situations makes it possible to minimize possible damage.

Often the signaling data is combined into a single complex, the operation of which is carried out through the use of such detectors as:

  • glass breakage sensors;
  • volume sensors;
  • leakage sensors;
  • gas analyzers;
  • fire sensors (temperature, radiation, smoke detectors, etc.);
  • panic buttons and so on.

 At facilities that require special attention in matters of property security, “Qartal” specialists can also offer you installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems.

We apply a comprehensive comprehensive approach in our work. This allows us to find the optimal solution that best meets each specific request. Successful long-term experience in implementing projects of varying complexity, regular training of specialists in the technical security department and monitoring the technological novelties market, makes cooperation with us the best choice for comprehensive protection of your business.