Security warehouse

Qartal Security Company

The protection of warehouses, production and utility rooms is a very important component for business. For this it is very important to choose a professional security company who has experience and all the necessary licenses for the protection of objects of any types.

Specialists of Qartal will conduct a qualified examination of warehouses for the most effective security of goods in the warehouse.

The complex of measures for the protection of a warehouse or logistics center begins with a careful analysis of a number of parameters, such as:

  • property location;
  • the area of the covered and open territory;
  • layout of premises;
  • specificity of the goods being stored;
  • sources of potential threats;
  • etc.

The owner of the facility should be sure not only of the reliable protection of the warehouse from criminal encroachment, but also of observing the production discipline in the warehouse premises. Very often the cause of material losses is the negligence of warehouse workers. Therefore, when organizing the protection of a warehouse, employees of Qartal control production discipline and protect public order.

To ensure the safety of warehouse personnel and the preservation of material values, Qartal uses the following methods:

  • 24-hour security of warehouses and adjacent territory;
  • organization of an access regime;
  • suppression of attempts to steal material values by employees and visitors of the warehouse;
  • ensuring the preservation of the stored goods from mechanical damage and spoilage;
  • patrolling the protected area.