Protection of building objects

Qartal Security Company

Building construction is a long and unpredictable process. The organization of protective measures at such facilities requires a special approach. In the list of “Qartal” services, the protection of construction sites is one of the first places in terms of complexity, but the experience and professionalism of our employees allow us to carry out this work with the highest possible percentage of reliability.

Today, construction sites are the most attractive object for the theft of materials and other valuables. Since the construction is conducted in the open air and on a large territory, the opportunity to penetrate the territory of the object unnoticed is quite large. Therefore, it is mandatory to erect a fence around the construction site and the gate for the entry and exit of trucks. Next to the gate is be installed the post of security, carrying out the access system.

When preparing protective measures, our employees carefully study the object. With what, more often than not, we come across: poor lighting, holes in the fence, the presence of several construction crews, irrational storage of building materials, a large flow of transport. All this significantly complicates the work of protection.

In our work we rely on the professional training of our employees, modern equipment and the Charter of the private security company. An important point is the achievement of mutual understanding with the customer. We are always ready to meet your wishes and we hope for a reciprocal understanding and long-term cooperation.

Protection of construction sites is conducted around the clock. Only with this mode of operation can we guarantee its safety. We have developed special methods of monitoring the object.

Protection of construction sites is carried out by several employees. Inspection is carried out at regular intervals along the entire perimeter of the construction site. In addition, a concentric approach is used to bypass the territory: the guard moves in a spiral, covering a large area. Separately, the construction pits and darkened construction sites are inspected.

At the security posts at the entrance gate is equipped with an alarm and notification system. Protection of construction sites includes the organization of security measures to prevent the threat of a fire. For this, fire extinguishing means are available at the guard post. In addition, we provide reliable communication with the emergency services of the city.